Website copy

Struggling to find the right words for your website?

I’ll help you identify your point of difference and put this into clear, compelling words that’ll captivate your audience.


Do you glow with pride when reading the words on your website?

Or are these words letting your business down?

When you’re building a new website or refreshing your existing one, website copy often gets overlooked.

It’s easy to get caught up in the visual elements of your brand - the logo, fonts, colours and website design - and forget about the copy (i.e. the text displayed on each page) until you need it at the last minute.

The visual elements are undoubtedly important, but potential customers and clients are visiting your website to get information about your business. If the copy is confusing, vague, boring, sales-y or riddled with typos, no amount of pretty branding will entice your audience to book an appointment or buy your product.

If your website copy isn’t doing your brand justice - or you’re still agonising over the draft, wasting way too much time trying to write it yourself - I’d love to help.

I’ll get to know your business, your audience and your industry before putting pen to paper. I invest a lot of time in the briefing process because I believe it’s incredibly important. A detailed brief is the foundation of every copywriting project - it’s what differentiates shallow, bland writing from powerful, persuasive website copy.

The copy I write will:

Convey your products or services clearly

Resonate with your target audience

Sound just like you

Articulate exactly what it is that makes your business unique

I’ll start by sending you a comprehensive, detailed brief so that I can get to know your business inside out before we start working together.

You’ll complete the brief and email it back to me, then we’ll go over it together during a phone call. If you have business partners or employees, I’ll likely do separate briefings with a few people from the team.

I find that this approach works brilliantly, as it gives you plenty of time to think about each question, but also allows us to chat about everything in more detail over the phone. Talking on the phone gives me a solid understanding of your tone of voice and allows me to dig deeper into your answers, finding the gems that we’ll weave into your website copy.



Time to work my magic! I’ll sit down at my desk, pour myself a big cup of coffee and map out the key messages we'll communicate to your target audience.

From here, I'll plan the structure of each page and start writing. The writing process for website copy generally takes a few weeks, with many hours spent scribbling furiously in my notebook and tapping away at the computer.

When the draft is ready, I’ll send it through for you to read.



I’ll ask you to go through the draft copy with a fine-tooth comb and let me know if anything isn’t right, guiding you on what to look out for.

My clients are generally very happy with the first draft, but I always include up to two rounds of revisions in the quote to ensure you’re 100% happy with the website copy before it goes live.

During each round of revisions, you’ll mark up the copy with edits and/or comments using Track Changes, then I’ll amend the copy based on your feedback.



The process

How much does it cost?


From $2,750 (plus GST) for a 4-page website*

I’ll provide a quote with a fixed price once I know a bit more about your project. This means you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost before we get the ball rolling - no surprises or unexpected fees.

These services can also be included on request:

My core pricing includes:

Detailed briefing questionnaire

Briefing call (this phone call usually lasts around one hour)

Clear, compelling copy written for each page of your website

Title tag and meta description written for each page

Two rounds of revisions


Keyword research, identification and implementation into copy for SEO purposes

Copy review (I’ll double-check the copy once it’s been loaded onto your website, looking for any errors made during the upload and making minor adjustments to ensure the copy complements the design)

*This is just a ballpark figure to give you a rough idea of costs, as every website is different. 


Most websites tend to have at least four pages, including:
- Home page
- About page
- Services/products overview page
- Contact page

If I’m writing copy for additional pages (such as FAQs, blog, projects, case studies and sub-pages to describe services or products in detail), that will increase the price.

The price indicated above is just a ballpark figure to give you a rough idea of costs. Sometimes a single-page, scrolling website will need more copy than a website with multiple pages and some copywriting projects involve more research, briefing or planning than others, so each project is quoted on an individual basis.

Yep, there are some cheaper prices floating around. But it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping around:

- Has the writer allowed plenty of time for briefing, planning and additional research? Some copywriters skip the briefing stage (or rush through it) and write the copy with very little input from you. As a result, their first draft is often totally off the mark. I have an in-depth, comprehensive briefing process which means better copy and fewer rounds of revisions (so you won’t need to re-read the copy and provide feedback for the 6th, 7th, 8th time)

- How many rounds of revisions are included? I always allow time for two rounds of revisions in the quote, as it’s important you’re 100% happy with the website copy before it goes live. If a copywriter has only included one round of revisions in their pricing, you may be tripped up with unexpected costs if additional revisions are required - particularly if they’ve written the copy without much input from you

- Is the website copy optimised for search engines? If so, how? Some copywriters don’t know how to optimise copy or they use outdated techniques (which can do more harm than good). I constantly keep myself up to date with SEO best practice and always optimise website copy if Google is a priority for my client

- Will the writer provide title tags and meta descriptions for each page? Some writers don’t include these, but I see this as a crucial part of a copywriter’s job - not something the client, website developer or SEO pro should have to whip up themselves. It’s particularly important that the title tag and meta description are written well, as these are the first things your audience will see when your website appears in the Google search results. It’s one thing for your website to rank at the top of the results, but if the title tag and meta description aren’t written in a compelling way then you won’t get many clicks (and Google will eventually drop your website in favour of other sites with a higher click-through rate)

I know how tempting it can be to opt for the lower price. But is that $500 website copy package truly going to be money well spent? Your website is the backbone of your marketing efforts and your brand’s most important asset, so it’s worth investing the time and money to get it right.

Most of my clients find themselves copying and pasting the words I write for their website into all sorts of marketing and sales collateral (from their Instagram bio through to award applications), so it’s an investment not only towards your website but your brand as a whole.

Absolutely. If you can’t afford to invest in copywriting for your entire website, we can reduce the scope of the project and work within your budget by prioritising one or two pages.

However, I still need to spend plenty of time getting to know your business during the briefing stage before I can start writing your copy, so reducing the number of pages might not reduce the price as much as you might think.

But here’s the good news: we’ll only ever need to do the briefing once (unless your business changes significantly), so if you want me to write more pages later down the track I’ll already be familiar with your business and ready to hit the ground running. This means the cost of writing additional pages will be minimal in comparison to what you paid for the first page.

I don’t include keyword research in my core pricing because I don’t believe it’s necessary for every business.

If it’s likely that your potential clients or customers are proactively looking for businesses like yours on Google, I’ll recommend that we do some keyword research and allow time for this when putting your quote together.

But if your target audience isn’t aware that the type of product or service you’re selling exists (often the case if you’re selling quite an innovative, unique product or service), keyword research may not be necessary.

It’s also an unnecessary expense if you’re working with an SEO professional and already have a list of keywords ready to go. If this is the case, I can just take the list of keywords supplied by your SEO pro and weave them into your website copy - there’s no need to double up on the work they’ve already done.

If I’m doing keyword research for you, I’ll identify the keywords and phrases your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours on Google, then I’ll dig into the data to figure out which of these keywords you should prioritise (based on things like search volume and competition for each keyword).

Once I’ve determined the high-priority keywords for your business, I’ll weave these keywords and phrases into your website copy.

Not in an old-school, spammy kind of way though. Cramming keywords into website copy too many times makes it awkward and unenjoyable to read. That’s not going to impress your audience and it’s not going to impress search engines either. Google is getting smarter and smarter, using signals like the average time spent on a page to work out which websites are best and rank those websites higher in the search results.

Rather than stuffing your copy full of keywords, I focus on writing clear, compelling copy that people genuinely want to read. I write copy with your audience (i.e. humans, not search engines) in mind, incorporating keywords naturally within the text.

When you’re uploading copy onto your website, you’ll have the ability to add a title tag and meta description for each page.

These two tags are for search engines. They tell Google what text to display for your website in the search results. The title tag is the blue clickable headline shown for each result and the meta description is the paragraph of text underneath that.

Even if SEO isn’t a priority for your business, I believe these tags are important and should always be written by a copywriter. Why? Because they’re the first pieces of copy your audience will see when your website appears on Google if they search for your business name (or keywords related to your business).

And if SEO is a priority for your business, these two tags are even more important. The title tag is believed to have a direct effect on your ranking and both tags can influence your click-through rate on Google. It’s one thing for your website to rank at the top of the results, but if the title tag and meta description aren’t written in a compelling way then you won’t get many clicks (and Google will eventually drop your website in favour of sites with a higher click-through rate)

When writing title tags and meta descriptions, I always make sure the character count and formatting are in line with current best practice. And if SEO is a priority for your business then I’ll ensure the primary keyword for that page has been included in the title tag. Most importantly, I write enticing title tags and meta descriptions.

If you want your website to rank higher in the search results, professional copywriting is one of the best investments you can make, because the copy on your website has a huge influence on your ranking.

In saying this, I can’t guarantee your ranking will improve. Copy is just one piece of the puzzle and there are so many factors outside my control, from the speed of your website right through to the design of your logo.

If you’re thinking about investing in website copy, we’ll chat about things that might prevent your business from getting good results and I’ll point you in the direction of people who can help.

But even if you get all your ducks in a row, there are still too many variables for me to make any guarantees. Some things - like your competitors - just can’t be controlled.

Here’s how you know you’re in safe hands with me:

- I have more than 10 years’ experience writing copy for businesses

- I’ve been operating my own business for more than three years

- I honed my skills at one of New Zealand’s top PR agencies, writing press releases and scoring media coverage for clients like Kmart, Freedom Furniture, Cadbury and Moa Brewing Co.

- I read blogs and listen to podcasts every single day, constantly finding ways to improve my writing skills

- I have a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Marketing and Management), so my writing is grounded in a solid understanding of traditional marketing methods and consumer psychology

- I have a Diploma in Publishing, which means I know how to edit and proofread my writing effectively

The service was great, from the outset you let us know timelines and the process. You then met those deadlines, in some cases exceeding them.

The clear communication was a highlight. We loved that you took the time to actually look at our business and industry outside of what we just told you and ensure that the message we
were sending was current, relevant and competitive in a saturated industry.

We would 100% work with you again and will be recommending you to anyone we know needs some help with copy!


Thank you so much Sarah. I really enjoyed working with you, it has been a breeze and I have felt like I haven’t had to worry at all. You truly are amazing!

You were able to take what I wanted to say and make it presentable and easy to understand.

I loved that you could gather my tone of voice through chatting with me and replicate that tone through the copy.


I just want to say this is fantastic. The time and effort and thought you have put into this is exceptional. I am so grateful.

You really went above and beyond, taking the time to understand who we are and help us accurately explain what we do.

You are phenomenal, thank you so much.


Sarah has been brilliant to deal with - professional and confident in her writing and SEO knowledge.

We have now used her across two businesses for copywriting, each with a very different offering and target audience. She always gets a thorough understanding of the context of the business she is working with to provide engaging content.

 We couldn’t speak highly enough of her.


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